A Tiny Splurge

Recently, I shamelessly had my make-up done in the lobby of an Equinox with a friend a. so I could look b-e-a-u-tiful at work for once and b. because it came with the promise of a 20% off coupon. Turns out, I’m a bigger fan of Bobbi Brown than I realized before and have zero impulse control when it comes to a discount with an expiration date. Cue one of the biggest orders that I’ve made online in a while and one that I’ll be paying for for another couple of paychecks. But hey, #noregrets, right?


Included in my purchase was the Intensive Skin Supplement & Hydrating Eye Cream (have to start fighting wrinkles early, amirite?), Instant Full Cover Concealer (truly better than sleep), Skin Foundation Stick (just the right amount of coverage and somehow it magically matches my skin tone), and a corrector (because I always carry two large tote bags under my eyes and need a way to camouflage them). Bonus points: I got to make my own skin care sampler set for free, so it’s totally justifiable, right? Right?


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